Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beginning Onward by Gary Cummiskey

Long List For Trade Secrets

Thank you to every writer who entered a story for this year's Short.Sharp.Stories Awards anthology, TRADE SECRETS.
The standard was generally high this year which is good news. It means writers expressed care and thought about the theme, and requirements, but also spent time polishing their work more thoroughly in order to give stories the best possible chance to elicit positive responses. As is inevitable, a number of noteworthy stories and stories with great potential could not be accommodated as part of the Long List. Thank you again to every entrant. The next part of the process will be to choose the twenty stories which will make up the Short.Sharp.Stories - National Arts Festival Awards Burnet Media 2017 anthology, TRADE SECRETS, to be published June/ July.
Long List
Alex Smith
Andrew Salomon
Andiswa Kula
Anna Hug
Amy Heydenrych
Bobby Jordan
Christine Coates
Cynthia Kristasamy
Darrel Bristow-Bovey
Duncan Rodseth
Frieda-Marie De Jager
Jo-Ann Bekker
Jumani Clarke
Kamil Naiker
Kerry Hammerton
Linda Daniels
Megan Ross
Michael Yee
Mapule Mohulatsi
Mishka Hoosen
Mmabatho Mathope
Ntsika Gogwana
Olufemi Agunbiade
Pam Newham
Patricia Crain
Philip Vermaas
Philisiwe Twijnstra
Pravasan Pillay
Sally Ann Murray
Sally Partridge
Sean Mayne
Sinovuyo Mcunukelwa
Tim Murithi
Yasthiel Devraj

Eva Jackson: 0108


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another Saturday Night by Gary Cummiskey

Victoria Williams: 0313

Sitting in the library, and I don’t think that my efforts to surreptitiously undo the top button on my jeans are going unnoticed…

Eva Jackson: 0107

Racism And Academic Philosophy In South Africa

"Mabogo P. More, the eminent philosopher, won major international recognition in the form of the Frantz Fanon Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015. Last month he entered the debate that has followed the eruption of acute racial tensions in the Philosophical Society of South Africa with a response to an earlier intervention by Rafael Winkler. Philosophy is not the only discipline that confronts what seem to be unbridgeable divides. A number of senior academics have declared their refusal to publish in or collaborate with the official Political Science journal and significant tensions are brewing elsewhere. In the interests of giving more space to the critique of the racism entrenched in parts of the South African academy The Con has decided to publish the full version of More’s response to Winkler. More has recently completed two new books, one on Biko as philosopher and the other on More’s own experiences as a black philosopher in South Africa. We look forward to publishing excerpts from both of these books when they are published."