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Yesterday's Dream by Gary Cummiskey

Internet Sentences: 0033

Can i have your assistance for.
Can i have your assistance for.

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The Peculiar Revival

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Victoria Williams: 0229

Sylvia von Harden

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Hiya How are you currently doing? I enjoy your page. Want to see my non-public pics?

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Victoria Williams: 0228

Custine, I’m not sure. Portrayed as lonely and unsuccessful in writing. A half-man of letters. An outsider in Paris. Was praised by Balzac for writing on Spain, and produced a book about Russia for which he is predominantly remembered. –Notes from book- An unnamed character in Russian Ark.

Sylvia von Harden, I known even less of; had seen her portrait many times before I came across her name. According to her Wikipedia page, a journalist and poet, self-exiled to Britain in 1933 where she continued writing but without as much success. An homage is made in Cabaret. I took her photograph to the hairdressers.

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Victoria Williams: 0227

Just shut up and give me a blowjob – thought Mr. Darcy.

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Viaggio In Italia

"It’s this suggested crisis of language, the breakdown that occurs when we consider all the possibilities, the lack of forward momentum, that stopped me from really becoming a writer. The books I wrote I think all suffer from the problem of incredulity, not so much that the readers could not believe them, but that I could not believe them. This is a poor position for an author to start out from. Eventually I realized that my writing was all a possible position and not THE position and this defeated me, so I stopped. For this reason I love music so much. Being in the music allows for the simultaneity of all positions, there is no linguistic demand for the either/or-ness of meaning, something that words a priori must have if reading/communicating is going to have any value. To put it short I wanted to use words musically but did not want to tie them down to their meanings. The words took this as a betrayal of their function and so the Muse left me. The song »Holocaust« is a kind of end point. It doesn’t get much grimmer in the possibility of depicting what heroin does to a body. And yet it is immensely beautiful. This is the turn that is possible in music. The highest poetry aspires to this immensely paradoxical fulfillment of contradiction that is Truth."

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Victoria Williams: 0226

 [The note left on the bedside table said: you are a charming drunk]
The bartender said: you’ve had enough
(He’s a fellow whose judgement you can trust)
No money left on the pillow ‘for services rendered’
Instead the note says: you are a charming drunk
Not a cheque made out to an escort agency
(Must have been a case of mistaken identity...
I’m partly flattered –
Won’t you marry me?)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Shaggy Reprint and New Cover

BK Publishing Press Release: Shaggy splashes out with a second print run and a brand new cover

Since it was first published in 2011, Shaggy: 14 Rather Amusing Rambles by Anton Krueger and Pravasan Pillay has garnered excellent reviews. This ingenious new take on the shaggy dog story has had readers laughing nationwide. The first run has sold out and so we’ve been back to the printers – this time with a fresh new cover that has already caught the attention of readers at the the Frankfurt Book Fair, where we sold out all the stock we’d brought along.

If you haven't already indulged in Krueger and Pillay's distinctly dry South African humour, here’s a taste of what to expect from this idiosyncratic duo:

“If you like Monty Python, Pieter-Dirk Uys, Robert Kirby and especially Woody Allen's Getting Even, you will love Shaggy. It provided me with loads of laughter.” Henning Pieterse, winner of the Hertzog Prize

“Satirical, whacky, and at times outright absurd... Krueger and Pillay don't so much skewer South African culture as they gently, yet doggedly, needle our politically over-sensitive psyches.” Ben Greaves, The Oppidan Press

“With this cracking collection Krueger and Pillay have established themselves as a brave new voice deserving of an appreciative audience.” Jonathan Amid, LitNet

To order your hot off the press copy of these ironic monologues with their shiny new cover contact

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