Sunday, December 9, 2018

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Chatsworth: A Book Review by Karabo Kgoleng

"Set in the highly populated township of Chatsworth in KwaZulu-Natal, this collection of 11 short stories highlights working class life in a residential area that was allocated for South Africans of Indian descent during apartheid."

Snipes by Joan McNerney

My back “went out” and did not ask me to go with it.

Eva Jackson: 0116

Tender alerts: poem 1

Train 100 NGOs on wholesale and retailing
(Improbable? Non-profits must have much to do with trading).
NM University’s new arm that brings in money
Are doing literally everything, want expert panel, sonny.
They used to just get funded in some much more passive way
But now they’re doing skills dev, training, property, for pay.
That means they’re also part of a ginormous industry
That’s generating income for all kinds of entities
That used to get their moneys through a rather different wheeze.
I’m talking, yes I’m talking, all about the BEEs.
Quotations are invited for a signal-ish converter
The oldest thatch in Stilbaai needs replacing with a nuut-er
I didn’t make it up, the last one really is a thing
That’s what they said and publicised, an unexpected ping.
The Sharks Board on the east coast want someone to train small business
That’s exactly what I’m looking for so copy, paste, and witness.