Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gary Cummiskey, Paris 2016

Victoria Williams: 0302

On Trying to Buy a New Dress:
I am dissatisfied, but content with that dissatisfaction. I have slipped into a delicious melancholic restlessness. Nothing pleases me. I am engaged in a search for something that cannot be found. I am confident something else will be revealed in time. In the morning, I’m an eternal optimist, blinded by the sun-filled windows; in the evening, a jaded pessimist, even though the sky is full of stars, but stars are dying, like everything else. I live a complete new life each day; each one turns out to be the same as the last.

Foot-path by Diana Bloem

A Person Cannot Be Illegal by Richard Pithouse

"The Con always celebrates when the smart ones in our extended family get their names on a book cover. At a time when xenophobic attacks appear to be on the rise again in Johannesburg and Durban, we publish an excerpt that examines the violent attacks of 2008 from Richard Pithouse’s recently released collection of essays, Writing the Decline (Jacana)."