Sunday, November 27, 2016

Out There by Gary Cummiskey

Being Human After 1492 by Richard Pithouse

"We are all, in the sense derived from Walter Benjamin, formed from the catastrophe of history. Some of us have come out of that catastrophe with property, wealth, education, social standing and access to the agora. Others are impoverished, socially-scorned and governed with welfare, incarceration and violence. Some of us are valued. Some of us are disposable."

Singhfeld by Pravasan Pillay


"Singhfeld is a comic book script written by Pravasan Pillay. In it we meet Prem Singh, a teenager growing up in the Indian township of Chatsworth, Durban in the 1990s, who falls obsessively in love with the television show Seinfeld. Prem decides that he wants to become a standup comedian like his hero Jerry Seinfeld, but faces opposition from his strict mother and his bully of an older brother."

Sunday, November 13, 2016