Sunday, September 10, 2017

Adrian Manning: A Poetic Microcosm

"Adrian Manning is an English poet and micro-publisher. He has had a number of chapbooks published, including Wretched Songs For Out of Tune Musicians, Down At The Laundromat, Bring Down The Sun (with Henry Denander), These Days, Days Like This (with John Dorsey) and 13 Poems from the Edge of Extinction. His poems have been published around the world and have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He is the founder of Concrete Meat Press, a micro-press that publishes poetry broadsides and chapbooks. He lives in Leicester, England."

I'm Just Kinda Frugal

When I'm in South Africa I buy Med Lemon
sachets to bring back with me to Sweden.
It's my tried and tested cold medicine.
But sometimes I get anxious as the expiration
date on my Med Lemon approaches and I
haven't used it all up yet.
What a waste of this precious citrus-flavoured
paracetamol, I think to myself. Then I go out
and ask folk on the subway to cough in my face.
It's not a sex thing, I promise them if they object.
I'm just kinda frugal.

Wooranda: The Jekyll And Hyde Of Fritters

"Goolgoolas are one of those staples of Hindu prayer-time that I have a soft spot for."