Sunday, January 20, 2019

Dancing The Stones by Gary Cummiskey


Snipes by Joan McNerney

Question: What is the difference between
God and a doctor?
Answer: God does not think he is a doctor
and does not charge for missed appointments.

Eva Jackson: 0118

Tender alerts: poem 3

The Department of Rural Dev and Land Reform
Want someone to watch them, to check them, to fawn
To pursue them, to view them, to check that they are
Of high quality, meeting some internal bar
But not like for limbo and not where you drink
A standard, you ‘stand? In their monthly lip sync,
They’ll be scored for performance, for flair, preparation –
Some guru will mark them on smart presentation.
The truth is this all may be slightly more dry
They will pay for an audit. Again, not their guy.
But how can I help you? All these people with tenders?
With needs in your eyes, services all unrendered
Like maidens bereft sending specifications
Your coy hopes expressed through inert invitations…
And sometimes, you ask for what just cannot be. 
You’ve invited a bid for a crazy melee:
For Provision of the SITA Micro Organisation Placement & Migration Management Service
You shock me so badly it makes me quite nervous.
The service provider must migrate employees
To a new micro structure. I cannot appease
Such a cruel organisation. I give you my leave.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Out There On The Spot by Gary Cummiskey

Pakistan Is Either Good Or Ghastly by Niren Tolsi

"Perhaps no cricket-playing nation conjures the vicissitudes and vagaries of the game quite like Pakistan. Or as many synonyms for “unpredictable” – that essential nature of cricket being so intricately woven into how Pakistan play."

Snipes by Joan McNerney

The biggest thing on earth

is the space between her ears.

Eva Jackson: 0117

Tender alerts: poem 2

The SETA that is boss of all the safety and security
Would like someone to monitor their grants they give to somebody.
Another university – what’s going on! – is frontin’
They need support that will assess their ICT, you bumpkin.
You can’t do it, they can’t do it, you should please just not apply
They don’t need an application from a luddite, not their guy.
I could go on, it’s lengthy. While they say they need a SWOT
They don’t mean an academic, no. At this you have no shot.
Waste water treatment, Laingville. And PPECB
Which sounds like rude-ish noises from a cherubic baby
(But probably prestigious, and I show naivete)
Are saying, that they also, yes they need the ICT!
No – they need someone who’ll tell them how to ask for ICT.