Sunday, January 6, 2019

Eva Jackson: 0117

Tender alerts: poem 2

The SETA that is boss of all the safety and security
Would like someone to monitor their grants they give to somebody.
Another university – what’s going on! – is frontin’
They need support that will assess their ICT, you bumpkin.
You can’t do it, they can’t do it, you should please just not apply
They don’t need an application from a luddite, not their guy.
I could go on, it’s lengthy. While they say they need a SWOT
They don’t mean an academic, no. At this you have no shot.
Waste water treatment, Laingville. And PPECB
Which sounds like rude-ish noises from a cherubic baby
(But probably prestigious, and I show naivete)
Are saying, that they also, yes they need the ICT!
No – they need someone who’ll tell them how to ask for ICT.