Sunday, September 20, 2015

We Did Not Know What Was Happening by Gary Cummiskey

Internet Sentences: 0061


Victoria Williams: 0294

I tried to drive their happy voices away from my door,
With a temper tantrum,
But they just laughed at me,
And then at something else.
One day my tantrums will be good for something.

Internet Sentences: 0060

Are they Cheating on You?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Once Upon A Time In A Landscape by Gary Cummiskey

Shaggy Extracts

"Oh the stories... I’ll be gleaning many a tale of wisdom and joy from the rich fields of memories we’ve harvested together this year and I’ll be storing them away carefully in my neurological silo, ready to be ground into the flour of happy contemplation when one day I decide to bake for myself the nutty, gluten-free, sour-dough bread of my dotage."

Victoria Williams: 0293

Safety Pin #2
(by David Fullerton)
Pinny pin
pokey poke
My chinny chin,
strokey stroke
Ooh disaster
Hurry, quick,
Fetch sticky plaster

Te, Kaffe, Kryddor, Chutney, Pickles