Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Trees Are Calling, Calling by Gary Cummiskey

Snackwich Nation

Pravasan Pillay continues his series of columns on sandwiches and this time he’s talking snackwiches.

När Livet Ger Dig Citroner

Victoria Williams: 0309

Every day the same trajectory. An abstract part of you rides as a passenger in the chariot which pulls the sun across the sky, looking down on your helpless body performing its daily rituals; catching this train and that, moving in the same worn circles; the future always an elaborate pantomime of the past, the same characters and villains appearing, each year in more exaggerated dress and painted faces. The endless waiting to be born; waiting to perform the right action which will allow you to be released into the brilliant, blinding, blank unknown. Do I mean the future? Or do I mean death? Or are they perhaps THE SAME THING? Haha, anyway, look at me rambling on! Happy birthday kiddo!

5 Authors Share Their Favourite Pieces of Writing

"We spoke to a host of writers to find out what their favourite pieces of writing are. Some shot back immediately with their most treasured text while others refused to single it down to one example of writing, but all of them ended up sharing with us, their source of written inspiration."