Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Keegin Munsamy: 0009

Butterfly Kisses

To this day I don’t know. Happy Father’s Day and daddy. How did I do this? What did I do? Then the card and that picture. She was the one in that dream of the black guitar. The second song on that bargain album is with butterflies and kisses. She comes up to me with a picture frame and a hug but in that moment I can see the guardian spirit that lingers to protect the two of them. I told her once that she was my seeing eye. As the song plays she strums the guitar and then a smile.

Although she had no memory she still wrote down roses, cars, horses, sleep, kung fu, socks, record players, dance, guitar, beach and tattoos. She came once and stood by the burning mess. We both sensed that night her bag was going to burn. This is the gift she gave me and we could not watch it burn. She held her bag tight until the track skipped to the next song.